R.J. (Dic) Bonsett

"I love the feel of a gourd, which I've always thought of as nature's pottery.  Like wood, a gourd is natural; it doesn't fight you.  A gourd is giving; it works with you, not against you."



With a concentration in graphic design, Dic Bonsett graduated from Herron School of Art at Indiana University in Indianapolis in 1966.  Introduced to the gourd culture by his wife, artist Rosalind Bonsett, Dic began experimenting with gourds by using pyrographic techniques in the mid 1990s.  Bonsett's unique graphic designs, based on original Native American designs, including those of the Anasazi, Pueblo and  Navajo peoples, incorporate dyes and wood stains while leaving some portion of the gourd skin unfinished.  Bonsett exhibits his fine art gourds, which have earned several awards, at juried art fairs including the Penrod Art Fair in Indianapolis and the Indiana Gourd Show in Kokomo, as well as the "UNIQUELY SOUTHWESTERN" Gallery in Sedona, Arizona.  Bonsett now lives in Beverly Hills, Florida.